Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My New Shop Counter

Well, I've been on the hunt for the perfect counter for my Irvington shop for some time now. I thought I would find a really unique antique or vintage counter that I could use (I had visions of an old French market counter). But alas, everything was a bit too small or a bit too big or just not right. So, Frank spotted this old kitchen counter that was going to be thrown away and thanks to Chalk Paint® and a little hard work, it's now my new shop counter!

Original Counter
Here it is as we found it. The back is unpainted fiber board and it was in two pieces. (We have already bolted it together to make one piece.)

Legs and Trim

We added legs and trim work to punch it up.

Counter getting ready to paint
I threw a drop cloth around the piece to get ready for the magic of Chalk Paint®. Notice the computer on the floor next to the counter - oh, I am brave when I paint!

Readying the top for Chalk Paint®
Now that the base is painted in Old White, Frank is cleaning off the ugly formica top so I can paint it too.

Counter top painted in Chalk Paint® Graphite
 I just love the way the top looks after painting it with Chalk Paint® in Graphite! And, no, I did not have to do anything to the formica other than cleaning it. The Chalk Paint® adhered perfectly to it.

Close up of the Graphite Counter
We added a custom glass top over the painted top because of the hard use it will get writing up all those sales!

My new Counter
And here it is in my shop! (The computer survived the painting!)

Brocante Home
I'm not quite finished - think I will add a stencil to the front  - what do you think? Click HERE to see the final result!

Happy  Painting!


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