Monday, January 21, 2013

I'm Floored!

 You have heard me say that Chalk Paint™ can be used on just about anything. Well, Chalk Paint™ is great for painting floors, inside or out! 

How about this great driveway painted with Chalk Paint®.

On wood, it can be used as either a wash above, or if applied more thickly, for a solid color.

You can even apply a stencil over the paint for this unique effect.

Or how about this clever stencil.

After painting, use Annie's water-based Laquer to finish and protect the floor. 

Hint: Rolling on with a sponge roller will help with a smooth and fast finish.

Ready to paint your floor? Just ask!

(all photos via Pinterest - click to see more floors painted with Chalk Paint®)

P.S. - Our Richmond Chalk Paint® Class on Wednesday is filled! But, we have more scheduled. Check our class schedule for the next class. We also have Workshops scheduled for Irvington.

Happy Painting!

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