Friday, May 10, 2013

How to Paint a Harlequin (Diamond) Design with Chalk Paint®

Adding a harlequin or diamond design to furniture, floors or even walls is easy to accomplish with a ruler, frog tape and two colors of Chalk Paint®. 

Follow along as I paint my shop counter...

My shop counter before.

Start by painting the entire surface with one of the colors. In my case, I choose Old White and Graphite. 

It is only necessary to paint one coat - just make certain you have complete coverage. If not, you may want to paint a second coat of the first color.

After the first color has dried, you need to map out the design by first measuring your total surface from top to bottom and then from side to side. You will need to mark off the midpoints with a pencil. 

I drew a point in the mid-point of both the horizontal and the vertical planes of each of the above two panels. Keep cutting the midpoints in half until you have the size of the diamonds. In my case, I was painting four across and one down. You can see on the photo above where the points are by looking at the tape. Tape off the pattern with frog tape.....

Then, fill in the taped area with you second color - here in GraphiteI painted two coats since I was planning on using this as a chalkboard. Repeat until you have painted all of your diamonds. 

Then, pull of the tape and you are finished!

Now, wasn't that easy?

Happy Painting!


Chalk Paint® and supplies are available at my two shops:
4323 Irvington Rd., Irvington, VA and 
19 S. Belmont St. (in the heart of Carytown), Richmond, VA

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