Sunday, May 18, 2014

Color Stories

Did you know that Annie Sloan's colors all have a "back story"? Having just returned from our Annual Chalk Paint® Stockist Conference, I was reminded of these stories by Annie - here are some favorites...


This elegant shade of blue is named after the small town of Aubusson in central France, famous for its tapestry making. The color is designed after the distinctive grey blue traditionally used to make the tapestries, and found in classic 18th and 19th century Aubusson rugs, as well as Scandinavian painted furniture. It is an elegant color that works well with many colors as it is a dark neutral but in particular it works with Paris Grey.


Graphite, while almost black, is not a simple, hard color but instead a mellow, sophisticated color. It is a soft black made with purplish blues and brown. When waxed with dark soft wax it becomes a beautiful black similar to dark slate. 

Adding Old White makes a sophisticated grey or an elegant charcoal.


This soft, delicate, lightly yellowed dusky green from the 18th century is sophisticated and gentle, yet fits well with modern pieces. This color picks up other colors quite well and changes character accordingly. When paired with Louis Blue, lightened Henrietta, Cream, and Old White it goes back to the French Court of Versailles, but with Provence, Duck Egg Blue, and Coco this color becomes sassy and modern.


The inspiration is the rich glowing yellow is the color associated with the town of Arles in the South of France. It is a rich yellow ochre with a hint of orange and with Old White added the color is warm and gentle. A very sophisticated yellow.


Made from combining white and greenish raw umber, the result is a cool, putty color. It is generally seen as a more rustic color, which makes it perfect for a country look, rather than the more sophisticated Chateau Grey. This color is terrific on its own; however, it can also be mixed into another color to make it paler. It 's terrific on its own or for distressing as a top coat with Cream or Scandinavian Pink underneath. 

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