Sunday, April 27, 2014

Creating Shades and Tints of a Color

We all love Annie's colors right out the can, right? But what if you want this color just a tad darker or lighter?

Here's how to easily do that. 

To make a color a shade or so darker, just add Chalk Paint® in Graphite to the color. In the example below, I've mixed 1 part Aubusson with 1 part Graphite, but you can add in any proportion.

Aubusson Blue


equals Shade of Aubusson Blue

To make a color a shade lighter or a tint of the color, I've added Chalk Paint® in Pure White to Aubusson Blue. Again, I've used 1 part of each, but you can use any combination.

Aubusson Blue

Pure White

equals Tint of Aubusson Blue

Try this with your favorite Chalk Paint® color.

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Happy Painting!   Rachel

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