Thursday, March 7, 2013

Meet Versailles!

I had a customer in the shop this week who, with his wife, had just painted their entire kitchen with......Versailles!

So, I'd like to introduce you to one of my favorite Chalk Paint® colors, Versailles. It's a little bit of green and a little bit of gray and a lot of perfection!

Like all of Annie's colors, various tints of Versailles can be made by mixing with Old White (for a vintage color) or Pure White (for a more "clean" color). Here are examples of furniture painted by fellow Stockist in Versailles.


Versailles is a soft, delicate, lightly yellow dusky green that is sophisticated and gentle yet it works well with modern pieces too. This is a color which picks up other colors well and changes character accordingly.

I'll be taking you on "tour" with other Chalk Paint colors in future blogs!

P.S. -  If painting high use areas like a kitchen, remember to seal with several coats of wax, allowing the paint and wax to cure.

Happy Painting!


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