Monday, October 7, 2013

Dry Brush Technique using Chalk Paint®

I almost always get comments on the technique I used on one of the very first pieces I painted with Chalk Paint®, my jewelry case at the shop. It is called a Dry Brush Technique. It is really quite easy, just remember that less is more (I'll get to that later).

I like to use this technique when I am wanting an overall distressed look without distressing with sandpaper. The look you are after is that of old paint underneath a newer coat. 

First, paint the entire piece  - I used a neutral color, Paris Grey. You will want to cover the entire piece. I like to use Annie's Chalk Paint® brush. As you can see, the paint brush is loaded - I'm pointing this out so you can see the difference for the dry brush.

Then, barely tip another brush into a second color such as Old White - and here is the trick. WIPE OFF MOST OF THE PAINT. I'm showing you with the Paris Grey as it is easier to see the contrast between the brush above and the one below.

Using sweeping strokes, lightly brush over the first coat (you've let the first solid coat dry). You are not trying to cover the first coat, but lightly adding the second color. Work quickly since the paint will dry faster with the dry brush. Add more or less paint to the surface by layering. If you do it right, it looks as if you have distressed down to the first coat.

Do this as many times with the second color as you want to achieve the "look". For more depth, you can even dry brush the first paint color again over the second.

Finish with Clear or Clear and Dark Soft Wax and that's it!

Your finished piece will look like you have spent a lot of effort distressing. It couldn't be easier.

This is just one of the techniques I will be teaching at the upcoming Chalk Paint® Workshops, so if you haven't registered, the link is below. 

P.S. - My October 15th Chalk Paint® Workshop in Richmond is full - but, I still have room for my Saturday, October 19th Workshop in Irvington. Click HERE for more information and to register.

Happy Painting!  Rachel

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