Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Painting Stripes on Walls with Chalk Paint®

I'm going to show you today just how fun and easy it is to paint stripes on your walls using Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan.

Step One: Measure and Mark

Wall at Shop Before / Measuring the Wall

To get stripes a uniform width, I first measured the length of the wall I wanted to paint. In this case, it was a wall at my shop in Richmond that was needing a little bit of life. I wanted a large stripe, around 12" vertical. The wall measured approximately 15 feet, so that meant I could easily fit the 12" stripes across.

Using a tape measure I then marked off the twelve inches all the way down the top length of the wall and repeated in the middle and finally the bottom or baseboard.

Step Two: Apply Painters Tape

Apply Painters Tape / Stripes Taped on Wall

Apply the tape first across the top and then across the bottom of the wall. Next, starting at the top outline the area you are going to paint. To do this, attach the tape on the outside of the stripe. If you are lucky, you will be painting over any pencil marks. To get the line straight, I simply let the tape roll fall to the floor and then I lined it up with my marks. Easy!!

Step Three: Paint the Stripes

Cut in on Bottom of Wall / Painting the Stripes

Paint your stripe with your choice of Chalk Paint®, I used Provence. After the first coat was dry, I painted a second. 

Step Four: Remove the Tape - Done!

Finished Wall

Now the fun part! Pull off the tape before the paint has dried (just easier). And you are done!

Happy Painting!   Rachel

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