Thursday, June 5, 2014

Why I ❤ Annie Sloan!

This past month I had the opportunity to meet again with Stockist at the Annual Stockist Conference. The highlight of the conference for me is the pleasure of watching Annie paint! Watching her paint, you realize (again) why you love her products so much. Here is why I love Annie and her paint.

The Colors:

Chalk Paint® comes in 31 luscious colors that can be mixed and blended to make almost any other color or shade or tint. I personally love her colors right out of the can and usually just add a little Old White for a lighter tint or layer two or more colors. But, I also like to "play" with making other colors and am going to offer a Workshop on that topic in the near future.

No Sanding or Priming (no kidding): 

You've probably heard me say this a million times! But, it's true! In the three plus years that I have been painting with Chalk Paint® I have never had to sand or prime unless I am painting unfinished or damaged furniture. I may have had to "fix" something I've painted maybe twice. However, if you do have any issues, they can usually be easily be corrected (see my blog Chalk Paint® SOS).

Ease of Use of the Soft Waxes:

What  - I hear you say - I thought using the wax could be a problem! I have come to the conclusion that we just over think this. To watch Annie wax furniture was truly a revelation - she makes it look so easy that it must be!

The Patina:

Nothing is quite like the silky patina you get after buffing the waxed paint. I like to use a 600 grit sandpaper to lightly buff, but even using a cloth results in a wonderfully smooth finish.


Annie's paints are so easy to work with that you can use all of your creative juices when painting. I can create smooth, textured, distressed, layered, waxed and dozens of other finishes with her products. I use mostly her own products, but feel free to experiment.

So Annie, thank you!

Annie and me

Happy Painting!   Rachel

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