Thursday, January 30, 2014

French Gilding Waxes

Want to add a little bling to your projects? French Gilding Waxes are just the thing.

Photos via various Chalk Paint® Stockists

They are easy to use and pack a lot of punch. You can even apply it over the hardware as was done in the photo above.

First paint, wax and buff your piece. You will want your piece to be "finished" before applying the gilding wax. It is not necessary to buff after applying the gilding wax. Applying the gilding wax should be the last step in your process.

Below is the before of a table that I had painted in Aubusson Blue, with a Soft Dark Wax finish. I decided to add a little French Gilding Wax in Silver to it.

Decide just where you want to apply the gilding wax. Although you can paint over it, it is just easier to decide how much to gild at this point. Remember, it is easier to add more later and a little goes a long way! If you do apply a little too much, you can apply a little more paint, or even a little Dark Soft Wax to soften it a bit.

I use my finger to apply the gilding wax, but you can use a small artist brush if that is more comfortable. Glide your finger over the raised areas. I usually apply the gilding wax to raised or carved areas of the wood - this will highlight them beautifully. Here is the finished table with the French Gilding Wax in Silver.

We offer four colors of gilding wax:

Renaissance Gold, Empire Gold, King Gold and Silver at both our Irvington and Richmond shops, or, you can purchase them along with all the other Chalk Paint® Supplies at Brocante Home Collection's Online Store.

Warning: It is so easy and fun you may want to gild everything!

Happy Painting!  Rachel

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