Thursday, November 7, 2013

Creating a Little Age - How to use Aging Dust

 Sometimes age is a good thing…such as this new product that I am really enjoying using called Aging Dust. This is a natural compound used for polishing wax. It creates a beautiful hand finish and a soft sheen. (It is a wonderful metal polisher as well).

Especially effective for highly carved or decorative areas, the Aging Dust settles into the grooves giving the appearance of age over time. I have used it all over my furniture, not just the carved areas, and like the soft look it gives my projects. It gives a softer, less antiqued look than the Soft Dark Wax. On the photo below, the lower drawer is prior to being treated - the top has been treated.

This high end finish is often found in fine antiques, furniture and custom cabinetry and now you can create this authentic time worn look yourself!

It's fairly easy to use: After applying a coat of Clear Soft Wax, wait about 15-20 minutes (until the wax is almost completely dry) and then apply the Aging Dust. You can sprinkle it across a flat surface and use a brush for the sides and carvings. I just sprinkle a little on a piece of cardboard and dip my brush into that, applying it to the areas I want. Allow to dry for another 30 minutes or so - you are waiting for the wax to dry or the Aging Dust will "mix" with the wax and not give you the result you are after when you buff.  Lightly brush off the excess and polish the piece using our new Buffing Brushes, leaving some Aging Dust behind in the crevices. Gorgeous!

We carry both the Aging Dust and Buffing Brushes at both our shops, or you can SHOP ONLINE.

Happy Painting!  Rachel

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