Thursday, September 19, 2013

Color Recipes for Chalk Paint®

Color Recipes for Painted Furniture by Annie Sloan

Just one of the wonderful attributes of Chalk Paint® is the ability to mix the palette 
of 31 colors to create literally hundreds of additional colors. Lighten, darken, warm or cool the colors, it's up to you. 

 Although the colors are beautiful on their own, when you do sometimes want to tweak 
for a custom color, how do you accomplish this?

Use Annie's Color Wheel (also in her book) to help you choose! Try lightening by mixing with Pure White or Old White, or try mixing with it's complimentary color to darken it beautifully. I am always amazed at the beautiful colors that can be created.

To create your own color, the best way is to start by mixing 
different paints together with your fingers on paper or making small quantities in a paint tray. Annie's Sample Pots are perfect for this!

I like using Annie's Workbook (shown here) for mixing colors!

Once you have determined the colors to use, you can then mix in larger amounts.
I like to then mix in a glass measuring cup - easy clean up and amounts are nicely marked!

To help you on your journey, I am going to publish a Chalk Paint® Recipe 
each week on my Facebook Page. These recipes come from my own testing as well as from other Chalk Paint® Stockists. It's fun to see what colors others have come up with too. So, if you have a great new color, please email me the formula.

My first recipe, one that I demonstrated at my recent Chalk Paint® Class, is for Coral. Here's the formula:

1part Emperor's Silk

 1 part Pure White

1/2 part Scandinavian Pink

1/2 part Barcelona Orange

(Remember, these are just parameters - try your own ratios.)

Here's the final result:

Custom Coral 

P.S. - If you are creating a custom color, make sure you make enough to cover your entire piece.

Happy Painting!  Rachel

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