Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Smooth Modern Finish

Sometimes you just want a smooth, contemporary finish on the furniture you are going to paint with Chalk Paint®. It represents an opportunity to use a clear contemporary color such as Provence or Florence, or in my case, Louis Blue, since I wanted to use a soft blue to compliment the summer feel of the shop. 

Supplies You Will Need:
Chalk Paint®
High Grit (600 to 800) for sanding & buffing
Clear Soft Wax
Clean Soft Cloth for removing excess wax and polishing
Paint Brush (I like Annie's)
Ultimate Wax Brush

As always, I first cleaned the table with a gentle cleaner such as Simple Green or Method. Lightly sand the surface, if needed, to smooth out any imperfections. (Remember, we are going for a smooth finish!)

Then, I applied a first coat of Chalk Paint® in Louis Blue smoothly and evenly over the entire piece. Work the brush in one direction with the grain. The paint should be smooth and flowing - if not, adding just a little water will dilute the paint, making it flow easier. (Or, try dipping your brush first into a bowl of water, then into the paint to thin it a bit, especially for the second coat.) 

 And then I applied a second coat once the first has dried. The first coat should cover the piece and the second coat should make the color "opaque".

PaintTip: Don't overwork the paint with your brush! Long, smooth and easy strokes are best. I like using Annie's brushes because they deliver just the right amount of paint and the paint goes on extra smoothly.

Option: After the second coat is completely dry, you can lightly sand with the 600 grit sandpaper. Note: this is the only time I might suggest that you sand prior to waxing. Make sure that you are sanding over a drop cloth, or if you can, take it outside. This will help to smooth out the brush strokes, but remember, you will almost always see some of the brush strokes. (Personally, I find that I can get a nice smooth finish without this step and who needs the mess?)

Using a wax brush, I then applied a thin coat of Soft Clear Wax over the entire piece. Chalk Paint®, when dry, has a matte, velvety finish that absorbs Annie's Soft Wax perfectly. 

I like using the Ultimate Wax Brush to apply Soft Wax to my projects - it gets into all the nooks and crannies perfectly. Wipe off any excess wax with the soft cloth, polishing as you go. You should not be able to "feel" the wax after this step. If you use the Ultimate Wax Brush, you should not have any problem with over waxing. P.S. - Check out the shops for our new smaller Ultimate Wax Brushes! 

Then, when the Soft Wax has dried, I buffed with the 600 grit sandpaper for that patina we love.

Happy Painting!  Rachel

Chalk Paint® and supplies are available at my two shops:
4323 Irvington Rd., Irvington, VA and 
19 S. Belmont St. (in the heart of Carytown), Richmond, VA

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