Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Chalk Paint® - A Typical Application


I am asked so often about a "typical" application of Chalk Paint® that I thought it worthwhile to write a post on it.

The following is for a typical one or two color painted and distressed finish. There are many options for using this wonderful paint - this is just one of them - and Annie Sloan has several terrific books with step-by-step projects, including Quick & Easy Paint Transformations, The French Look and her newest, Color Recipes for Painted Furniture. Try her Workbook to organize and experiment with Chalk Paint®.

The first coat of Chalk Paint® is put on thicker, moving the brush in different directions to lay on the paint for texture or with the grain for a smooth finish. Varying the direction will add texture that will show when distressing and also grab any dark wax which may later be applied. The first coat is left to dry.

The second coat is applied thinner and smoother and left to thoroughly dry. A small amount of water may be added to the Chalk Paint® to make this step go easier. Or, dip the paint brush in a little bit of water before the paint.

Clear Soft Wax is then applied with a cloth or brush (I prefer a brush), spreading and pushing the wax into the underlying paint. Wipe off all of the excess wax with a clean cloth. Be sure to change out your cloths frequently.

When the wax no longer feels "wet" (this may be only a matter of minutes), you can randomly and lightly sand any edges or other select areas with a fine grit (220 - 300) sandpaper to distress. 

Applying wax before sanding softens the Chalk Paint and makes it easier to distress. It also cuts down on the sanding dust.

Apply another thin coat of Clear Soft Wax, particularly in the areas where you have distressed the finish, and remove all of the excess with a clean cloth.

If desired, apply Dark Soft Wax to further age the piece. Work in small sections and remove the excess Dark Wax with a clean cloth. Be sure to apply the Dark Wax while the Clear Wax is still moist.

For a higher patina or sheen, gently buff with a very fine (600 - 800 grit) sandpaper and / or a clean soft cloth.

Happy Painting!

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