Wednesday, April 10, 2013

NEW Chalk Paint® Technique - "Waxed Paint"

Distressed Armoire from Color Recipes by Annie Sloan; photo by Christopher Drake
I recently spent a few days learning new techniques for painting with Chalk Paint®. I especially liked this new technique, demonstrated by Annie Sloan, that she used on this armoire.

Inspired by the Swedish take on French style in the 18th century, this classic armoire has been painted using a "Waxed Paint" technique.

Annie used French Linen, which is a dark grey, then brushed on a layer of clear wax. Over this, and before the wax had completely dried, she added a second, paler coat of paint (a color wash) made from a mix of Paris Grey and Old White, thinned down with water, wiping it over with a clean, dry cloth to create a washed, dragged, and distressed effect.

I think it looks perfect and can't wait to try it myself!

And I love the Greek Blue that she painted inside!

Happy Painting!


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