Friday, December 7, 2012

Getting Started with Chalk Paint®

I've had so many requests for my "Cheat Sheet" called 

Getting Started with Chalk Paint®

that I wanted to share it with you.
This should help those of you who have yet to take the plunge. 
It's easy! Really!


Getting Started

Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan is a water-based paint that is low VOC and fast drying, offering great coverage and let's you layer for unique effects. The paint is easy to apply, and one coat often gives sufficient coverage. It's also easy to "layer" different colors and then sand areas to reveal underlying colors. For the best patina and protection, Chalk Paint® should be sealed with Annie's Soft Wax and both a clear and dark version (for a more antiqued look) is available.

Always start with a clean piece of furniture.

Paint and allow to dry. If needed paint a second coat and let dry.

Apply wax (we recommend using the Ultimate Wax brush) spreading a thin coat, pushing it into the paint and then, while still wet, wiping off any excess.

For an antiqued look, apply dark wax, wiping back immediately, leaving some in the grooves, making sure to apply the dark wax before the clear wax has dried. Let the wax "set up" so it is not tacky to the touch, then go on to the next step.

 If desired, distress with a fine grit sandpaper (200 - 300 grit).

Buff all over lightly with an extra fine sandpaper (600 - 800 grit) for a nice patina, 
adding more clear wax if needed. Buff with a soft cloth for extra shine.


If you still are uncertain, taking my hands-on Workshop is the best way to learn the process. Check my blog for my Schedule of Classes and Workshops.

Happy Painting!